Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów Owocowych i Ozdobnych, Piotr Kość
Grabie Polskie 27a, 09-530 Gąbin, woj. mazowieckie


We are one of the few nurseries in Poland whose tradition dates as far back as 1965. That was the year when my grandfather Ireneusz Kurkowski started a nursery business, later continued by my father Stanislaw Kość. That year, 1965, also marked the first time we launched a large-scale propagation of berry bushes.

Currently, the farm covers an area of nearly 50 hectares. Our main profile is still the production of fruit bushes, including plants of gooseberry, red, black and white currant. Offering as we do a wide range of species and varieties, our plants find their way to both large-scale commodity crop farms and small home gardens.

Out of genuine passion for gardening and in response to rapid changes in the nursery market, since 1992 we have also run an ornamental nursery. The largest part of our nursery material is made up by coniferous trees and shrubs. Recently we have taken great care to develop the production of ornamental grafted plants.

Finally, we would like to add that we would be pleased to welcome you at our nursery.

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